We specialise in commercial and high value properties, fitting quality systems tailored to meet your individual surveillance concerns

Residential CCTV Services

At Abbeygate CCTV, our aim is to find solutions to your home surveillance questions, easing your concerns with a range of products to help protect what’s important to you.

Our entry level residential systems provide a complete 24 hour surveillance solution

with the latest Hikvision ColorVu cameras for 24/7 colourful imaging. Although we can install the industry standard black and white infra-red technology, we usually recommend 24/7 colourful imaging. Click here to arrange a demonstration of this professional system.

Whether you need a repair or upgrade to an existing CCTV system, a new surveillance network or simply specialist advice, our highly trained engineering team are waiting to take your call.

Protecting what’s important to you.

Easing your worries with CCTV

“Recently, I required your services when relations with my neighbour deteriorated and I felt I needed a good quality CCTV system for the safety of my family. When we spoke, you took the time to understand my situation as well as asking legal questions I hadn’t expected but certainly made me feel confident an installation by Abbeygate CCTV would be fully compliant with all legal requirements… Read More

Specialist CCTV advice

With a wide range of products and specialist training in complex CCTV systems, we are ideally placed to answer your residential surveillance questions. We can advise on the location of cameras to cover key locations, linking systems to your television and computer network and specialist cameras, such as colour night vision, restricting access and intruder alert.

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Swift CCTV repair response

Our engineers are on stand-by to respond to CCTV repair requests. If you are unhappy with the quality of the camera recording, have damaged cables or the system has simply stopped working, we will visit your home as quickly as possible. If the equipment is beyond repair, we will provide you with options to replace or upgrade the system.

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Instant notifications to your mobile

Our CCTV system provides an instant alert on your mobile, with date and time, playback and incredibly clear images. This can be programmed to provide intrusion detection, with different levels of sensitivity, timings and vehicle recognition. Monitor your property however far from home you travel.

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Health and welfare businesses

If your staff are finding it difficult to keep an eye on every corner of your clinic or practice, we can help. CCTV cameras monitoring car parks, staff rooms, patient recovery or reception areas can be installed allowing staff to view the activity without leaving their desk. Find out more in our recent case study.

Needham Market Aerials

Our sister company, Needham Market Aerials, have been installing, repairing and upgrading TV aerial systems to commercial properties for over 30 years. For more information, click here.


Hikvision’s latest ColorVu technology provides colourful video recording even in darkness. Images come alive, providing high quality surveillance at a time they’re needed most.

Why a wolf?


Do you know the story of St Edmund who ruled East Anglia from AD 855 to 869? The brave King Edmund was killed by Danish invaders after refusing to denounce his Christianity. After being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows he was beheaded and, although the king’s body was found, his head was lost.

His supporters heard a wolf call to them, and they found the wolf guarding the king’s head, which was then reunited with his body, the first of many miracles.

Throughout history there are stories of wolves protecting the innocent. Our aim at Abbeygate CCTV is to protect what’s important to you.

Covid Safe CCTV Installation in your Home

At Abbeygate CCTV, the safety of our customers and engineers is paramount. During this time of uncertainty, our team will continue to work safely in your home following government guidelines for safe distancing, PPE and hygiene. Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you are shielding and need additional protection. We’re here to help you feel safe.

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