The safety of our customers and staff is our first priority. We are continuing to provide services following government guidance

We specialise in commercial and high value properties, fitting quality systems tailored to meet your individual surveillance concerns

For emergency repairs, please call 01284 810320

Abbeygate CCTV is part of the Needham Market Aerials group, providing specialist advice to commercial and high value property owners in the East Anglia region for over 30 years

With a team of highly skilled engineers and a reputation for delivering solutions on time and on budget, rest assured your assets are in safe hands

Welcome to Abbeygate CCTV

We pride ourselves on offering individual, tailored CCTV solutions to commercial and residential property owners looking to protect their assets. Our high definition cameras and equipment will monitor and record your property, protecting all that’s important to you and providing peace of mind.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote or to request a demonstration.

With prices starting from £900+vat for a complete surveillance solution in your property, we pride ourselves on the quality of the recording available to homeowners at home and on the move. Leave your house safe in the knowledge Abbeygate CCTV has you protected.

Link your CCTV system directly to your mobile devices to access recordings and receive alerts 24/7 for the ultimate peace of mind.

Protecting and supporting your business is important to us. We offer a range of solutions, including:

  • High definition cameras as standard
  • Hikvision ColorVu cameras for 24/7 colourful imaging
  • IP networking solutions
  • Thermal monitoring technology
  • Number plate recognition (ANPR)

We work with independent retailers, hospitality and tourism businesses as well as property management organisations, farms and veterinary clinics. If you’re concerned about the safety of your staff, property or assets, please contact us.

Ash Tree Veterinary Practice CCTV Installation

“Due to the nature of our work, we have a quantity of dangerous drugs held on the premises and the system allows us to monitor high risk areas. We’ve all been incredibly surprised at the difference it has made to our day to day tasks. We’re a busy vet’s practice and this system has helped to ease the workload. Quietly professional and courteous, without hesitation I would highly recommend Abbeygate CCTV.” Read More…

Protect the perimeter of your site

Today’s sophisticated CCTV systems offer the ultimate in prevention security. If your business is liable to unauthorised access in remote locations, talk to us about using cameras to warn both security teams and would-be intruders.

We have a proven track record in providing excellence in perimeter surveillance solutions

Hikvision’s latest ColorVu technology provides colourful video recording even in darkness. Images come alive, providing high quality surveillance at a time they’re needed most.

Introducing the new DarkFighter camera

Today’s sophisticated CCTV systems offer the ultimate in prevention security. If your business is liable to unauthorised access in remote locations, talk to us about using cameras to warn both security teams and would-be intruders.

We have a proven track record in providing excellence in perimeter surveillance solutions

Why a wolf?

Do you know the story of St Edmund who ruled East Anglia from AD855 to 869? The brave King Edmund was killed by Danish invaders after refusing to denounce his Christianity. After being tied to a tree and shot full of arrows he was beheaded and, although the king’s body was found, his head was lost.

His supporters heard a wolf call to them, and they found the wolf guarding the king’s head, which was then reunited with his body, the first of many miracles.

Throughout history there are stories of wolves protecting the innocent. Our aim at Abbeygate CCTV is to protect what’s important to you.

About Us

Over 30 years ago, Simon Little established Needham Market Aerials (NMA), now a market leader in East Anglia. For the past 15 years, NMA has used their extensive knowledge of electrical installations, and the largest team of trained engineers in Suffolk to provide quality CCTV products. In 2019, Abbeygate CCTV was established, extending the range of surveillance equipment and providing a dedicated service to residential and commercial clients.

Since then, the business has grown and now includes access to very specialist equipment, recording everything from car number plates (ANPR) and visitor numbers to thermal imaging and testing for illness.

CCTV can predict and warn when an incident has occurred in a public space. It can support vets in their care of animals and can allow access to controlled areas using number plate recognition (ANPR).

Abbeygate CCTV’s engineers use their extensive knowledge of experience at height, in confined spaces within deadlines set by customers to provide the highest level of care and attention.


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Stephen Rogers, Director of Property Management at EWS

'Simon and the team at Abbeygate CCTV are our preferred CCTV supplier and look after our surveillance systems across multiple properties. Their expertise and attention to detail, including neat wiring, mean we are happy to recommend their services to others. They have never let us down.”

Jamie Hopkins, ICT Manager for Orwell Housing

'With approximately 4,000 properties to manage across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge, each with its own individual requirements, Orwell Housing rely on Abbeygate CCTV to repair, upgrade and install our surveillance systems. These are designed to protect our staff and residents and without fail, Simon and his team of engineers ensure our systems are working effectively. They are always courteous and take the time to ensure, even in the most sensitive of situations, our residents and staff are their number one priority.'

Residential installation customer, August 2020

“The quality of the images that come from my CCTV system are EXCELLENT. In both day and night mode, the images that can be captured are extremely detailed and faces are easily recognised when zoomed in. Gone are the days of grainy footage, the images from this system are clear and sharp. I was pleased to be able to gain full access to my system securely via my TV, computer and mobile phone.”

Customer feedback November 2022

'I was very pleased with the work your company has completed. I was also very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of all involved. It has been a pleasure to deal with your company. You have kept me informed throughout the whole process which is a sign of good quality management.  I shall recommend to my fellow directors that we use your company in the future.'