Domestic CCTV Installation for a young family

Before installing CCTV, read the government’s latest guidance for surveillance cameras here

Recently, customer J contacted Abbeygate CCTV when relations with his neighbour deteriorated and he felt he needed a good quality CCTV system for the safety of his family. After spending time with J, understanding the situation and asking a series of legal questions, J was confident an installation by Abbeygate CCTV would be fully compliant with all legal requirements and would meet his objectives.


View the Hikvision Colorvu cameras in action:

Four Hikvision ColorVu cameras and a control unit were subsequently fitted into the home for less than £1,000. The recordings can be accessed remotely, giving J peace of mind when away from the property.

J commented:

“The team were helpful and incredibly professional, as well as complimentary about Simon as a boss! They made great suggestions on camera locations and cable runs and the quality of images coming from my CCTV system are EXCELLENT.

“In both day and night mode, the images captured are extremely detailed and faces are easily recognised when zoomed in. Gone are the days of grainy footage, the images from this system are clear and sharp. I was pleased to be able to gain full access to my system securely via my TV, computer and mobile phone.”

J is now considering a similar system for his office location.

He added,

“I know the system you have installed for me is suitable for domestic and office situations; and the system can even be upgraded to ensure it can be improved as technology allows. CCTV is something not really understood by most, but I would encourage any business to talk through their options with you. I was shocked a system like mine, fully installed by professionals is suitable for a home or office and can be installed for as little as £1,000.”

That’s great value and incredible peace of mind for such an affordable price.

If you would like to discuss your businesses specific needs, call Abbeygate CCTV today for an individual quotation.