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Who are Hikvision?

Hikvision is one of our preferred suppliers.  We choose to use Hikvision products because we believe they are the best in the market to protect our clients.


Reducing Crime

Reported statistics show CCTV systems reduce the level of non-violent crime. The College of Policing’s Crime Reduction Toolkit suggests CCTV is “associated with a statistically significant decrease in crime”. For example, vehicle and property crime is reduced by 14%, and drug-related crime by 20%.

The debate over appropriate levels of surveillance

CCTV has always been a controversial and emotive subject. Some people do not believe in CCTV and campaign against its use, stating it is an infringement of human rights.

The UK is one of the highest users of CCTV in the world, using it to reduce crime. The high level of CCTV in place means the UK also has a high level of “anti-CCTV” campaigners and activists.

An activist group is currently running a campaign to ban Hikvision, and other, surveillance products in the UK, claiming they are linked to crimes against humanity. This has been reported by the BBC recently.


As a trusted provider of CCTV systems to East Anglia, we would like to reassure our clients we have spoken to Hikvision about these latest claims, and have the confidence they operate legally and appropriately.

  • Hikvision holds certification AS8000:2014. This is the internationally recognised standard for Social Accountability. This covers their HQ and all their manufacturing facilities.
  • They follow the principles outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights, and the International Bill of Human Rights.   
  • In the UK, Hikvision UK complies with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

Part of these certifications and legal requirements is that all their suppliers and value chains also comply.

Cyber-Security and Appropriate use of technology

Any technology involving facial recognition capability or artificial intelligence, is open to questions about appropriate usage.  Again, Hikvision has numerous accreditations and industry certifications in place, showing its products are best in class and operate with integrity.

Hikvision does not sell directly to an end-user but works through organisations such as Abbeygate CCTV Ltd.

UK Cyber Security

Hikvision is working with the UK Government on the “Secure By Default” initiative: a standard initiated by the Home Office. Hikvision already has a wide range of products certified to meet these specific criteria, along with their various ISO accreditations.

Why we use Hikvision

We help our clients protect their assets by providing individual, tailored CCTV solutions. We work with education centres, retail, healthcare organisation, industrial parks, farms and residential, and private homes.

Hikvision provides innovative, first-class CCTV and recording products. With international R&D centres and high levels of investment in product development, Hikvision provides us with customised solutions for our different markets.

We want to solve your problems by helping to protect your staff, property and assets. With top-quality recordings and innovative design, using Hikvision products allows us to do that.

View the Hikvision Colorvu cameras in action:

Before installing CCTV, read the government’s latest guidance for surveillance cameras here

Here to help

If you have any concerns about using Hikvison products in your property, please give us a call and we will be happy to share more information and put your mind at rest.