Dark Fighter Camera - in bright colour all day and all night


Introducing the new DarkFighter camera

Our new product, the 7-inch 2 MP 32X DarkFighter IR Network Speed Dome, is ideal for improving security surveillance in schools and housing areas.


Technology advancements mean the days of motion detectors being activated by a fox triggering a false alarm are now behind us. The DarkFighter trackable camera can help protect property and assets whilst minimising false activations.

Smarter Perimeter Security

The DarkFighter uses advanced AI technology to detect motion. The system focuses on human and vehicle movement, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Facial Recognition

The complex algorithm and AI allow up to five faces to be captured at the same time. The system will output the best image of the face.

Expansive Night View

The DarkFighter has expansive night view capabilities with up to 200m IR distance, making it ideal for a wide range of environments.

Suitable not only for schools, and housing developments, but also river ways, roads, railways, parks, venues and more. The high-quality imaging with 2 MP resolution can provide close-up views over expansive areas.


When human or vehicle motion is detected the speed dome will flash lights and give a verbal notification that the person or vehicle is entering a restricted area. The camera will track the motion whilst giving a verbal warning of trespass to protect the perimeter. 

Smart Events include unattended baggage detection, object removal detection and audio exception detection.

Alarm Linkage

The DarkFighter can take several actions to suit you and your business on activation. It can notify your surveillance centre, or send an email to a specified address. It can trigger an alarm, start recording and give an audible warning with flashing lights.  It can be set up to suit your environment and security needs.


The system reduces false activations and saves time by tracking important targets automatically. The high-resolution recording, wide sight of vision and tracking ability makes it the perfect solution.

View the Hikvision Colorvu cameras in action:

Before installing CCTV, read the government’s latest guidance for surveillance cameras here

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